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The 3's of Strong Content Marketing

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

In order to understand the complexities of content marketing, you must first have clear business and marketing goals that your team is passionate about achieving.

The main strategy towards leveraging content marketing success is fulfilled when content:

  • Aligns with your brand;

  • Meets or exceeds your long-term goals;

  • Core goals = CRM (customer relationship management).

Let's take a concise and refined look into the perfect ways to optimize your content marketing strategies for that next project.


The Main 3's

As a new business owner or fully-developed entrepreneur, you may not total recognize the true value of building high-quality content on your website, media outlets, or digital campaigns.

The main focus of building content for your business is to:

  • Reach consumers;

  • Engage audiences;

  • Convert leads.

Before planning content keywords, word count, and rushing into writing articles/ whitepapers, we must first build a foundation of strategies and long-term goals.

Illustrating clear vision and definitive plans brings personal power and team optimization. -Le Williams


First, you must establish the audience that you are trying to reach.

Second, make this targeted audience clear to your marketing team and content developers.

Third, focus on a thought leadership approach, as opposed to merely selling your products/services in your content.


First, focus on building trust and a rapport with your audience through your content.

Second, explain to your team that your content must be valuable and interesting. Reject fluff content and meaningless words that simply fill up a blog or article. Your audience will receive no value or quickly lose interest in your business.

Third, create content that your audience will want to share on social media, in emails, or even backlink to their own website. Invite them to comment or contact your business as a call-to-action (CTA).


First, consider the thought leadership approach to your content marketing strategy. In doing so, your audience will seek your expertise, products, and services for their needs.

Second, add backlinks to your product/service/about me page(s) when discussing solutions in your content. For example, if you are explaining the benefits of investing in technology, then add a hyperlink to relevant keywords that direct readers to your service or contact page.

Third, create a welcoming (and influential) CTA that empowers the reader to contact you or sign-up to your mailing list. Don't forget to add a hyperlink to your contact page or lightbox to secure their email address and name.

Special note: Always follow-up promptly to avoid losing your lead to your competitor. Give your team a deadline/ timeframe that is mandatory to follow-up with leads.


As you have witnessed, good things come in 3's. Concise and to the point.


Now that you have a foundation for your strategy, we can successfully expand upon this platform and connect 3 main goals of strong content in your marketing strategy.


3 Primary Goals of Strong Content

When developing your marketing and/or content writing team, choose the most qualified experts that can meet these three main content goals:

  • SEO rankings;

  • Sales and connections;

  • Brand awareness.

It is highly important to procure someone with a solid knowledge of SEO and experience in your industry because a majority of brand strategists merely skim through these 3 critical goals in a rush to simply create content and hurriedly rush out marketing tasks.

Just How Important is an Effective Content Marketer?

These 3 strategies and goals are the fundamentals for your sales process through content marketing; notably, the most critical element that ensures your company's ROI (return on investment) is towering on your future charts.

To effectively launch premium ROI content, each life-cycle step must be supported for your readers; before, during, and after their site visitation commences.


First, gain all keywords necessary for a higher ranking. Have an optimal understanding of the best keywords in your company's market.

Second, select broad stem keywords relevant to each content project. These catchwords are the most appropriate keyword variations, further leading to an increase in website visitors.

As proven by Google Analytics studies, broad matches will decrease those moments spent developing keyword lists prior to achieving a successful thought leadership persona.

Third, do not shy away from using keyword variation tools that can provide your team with keyword variations in the plural or singular forms, stemmings (i.e., take and taking), related searches, synonyms, and probable misspellings.


The goal of B2C relationships and sales stems from "Strategy #2 Engaging Your Audience". Your strategy will illustrate the connections and engagements that propel sales and makes clients return for more thought leadership resources/ services.

First, focus on methods for building trust and rapport. Begin with company/business announcements. Additionally, you may explore the innovative success of product reveal Interviews with social media influencers relevant to your industry.

Second, highlight your employees' teamwork, client-centered interviews, articles, and case studies that focus on the success of the customer/client.

Third, this is the perfect time to evaluate your CRM practices, especially as you implement a solid, yet scalable content marketing strategy.

Relationship-centered content is limitless.

Personal relationships spark growth in brand awareness!


First, it is vital to recognize that brand awareness supports content in generating more:

  • Leads for each impression;

  • Customer loyalty;

  • Repeat business.

Second, you will need to optimize brand awareness goals within your content strategy, which maximizes the LTV (Lifetime Value) from each client. (LTV depicts the sum of revenue produced by a client over a lifetime.) [Available Starbucks Example]

Third, customer loyalty must receive a boost. How? By becoming a thought leader (dependable resource) in which your clients' trust.

Expand client loyalty by consistently offering:

  • Remarkable customer service;

  • Blogs/ articles/ whitepapers/ case studies that promote customer service values;

  • Rewards programs and loyalty incentives;

  • Trust-centric content that places customers as your core.

Remember, your potential clients have found your content due to Google keyword searches and desire specific resources. Becoming a thought leader builds trust and brand awareness.

A sound, measurable pre-funnel tactic will boost your content in a way that guides your clients/ consumers through the sales channel, from beginning to end.


In summary,

  • Build your own expertise and demonstrate a strong thought leadership presence within your content marketing strategy.

  • Build trust and exude a passion/dedication for extraordinary customer service in your content through articles, case studies, whitepapers, and etc.

  • Incorporate brand awareness into your content through backlink tactics, welcoming CTA's, and powerful/influential testimonials or interviews.

Never forget to deepen your company's loyalty with existing customers. Empower the present; enlighten the new! - Le


With this strategy, I focus on producing content that engages your audience, promotes your business as a thought leader in your industry, and organically promotes your products/services. This approach helps your business leverage the clients' trust and supports your full-cycle sales funnel goal.

For a free consultation towards your next project or new business startup, please contact me online. I look forward to learning more about your business needs and working together towards your content marketing success!

Best regards,

Le Williams,

Content Strategist | Professional Writer


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