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Are Backlinks Still Relevant to Your SEO Management?

Updated: Aug 26, 2018

Backlinks remain relevant to SEO
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Backlinks are crucial to website performance. In an ever-changing SEO industry, they are as important today as they were when first created. They remain a very relevant plan of action, as every year SEO focuses and plans evolve.

Defining Backlinks

When a website mentions another website and links it, backlinks take place. They make their connections as an “incoming link”, often through outside websites. It produces a positive effect on site rankings and search visibility through votes. This occurs when links from external domains point to pages on your own domain. The more votes the better.

Importance of Backlinks

The importance of backlinks extends to both search engines and end users. Search engine rankings are assisted by this because it helps shape how soundness and applicability of site topics.

In return, backlinks tell search engines that other websites are endorsing the website’s content. Ranking is improved because search engines see that the webpage is contains linking value. At this point, many sites are linking to the same page through backlinks.

The end user also benefits from backlinks. It provides researchers with information on similar topics. An example is when reading or researching an article, a link to similar information on the topic appears at the end of the page. It then transfers the user directly to the page.

Establishing Backlinks

Improving website rankings is very critical to the success of any SEO movement. Achievement arises through link building. Understanding the backlink profile is essential. Tools that offer assistance in managing and optimizing your link profile include Majestic, Buzzstream, and Moz. Majestic has the most expansive link index database, providing integration of SEO clarity. It will help integrate link profile management into the entire SEO lifecycle.

Here are some current strategies. We strong suggest consideration towards these few link-building tips that work in 2018:

• Guest Blogging

• Original research with insights

• Building relationships with influencers

• Link reclamation

The evolution of the evaluation involving links makes the process more challenging now than ever. Google’s algorithm is a reason for the evolution. Backlinks are still important to improve search visibility. Improve SEO with distinctive and verifiable links. For expert management and web content strategies, we invite you to contact LeWriterPro.

Tony Yashar, Content Writer and B2B/B2C Specialist

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